Sunday, September 26, 2004

shanghai art fart

we're in shanghai for the biennale, or biennial or whatever it's called these days. saying biennale makes one sound pretentious and wanna be euro, pronouncing it biennial makes it sound like a flower. can't win either way.

As usual with these things, everything is behind schedule, nobody knows what's going on, the names are not on the "right list", etc. etc. chaos ensues. but something will happen (something always does) and some kind of magic will take place and then everyone will go to the parties with the beautiful people and feel like a supah-stah. funny how these things work. the most awkward and shy people get to play glamour for a few days shuttling off to meetings and gatherings while sucking down alcohol to calm their nerves and combat jet lag. do not read this as cynicism, I personally think it's kind of endearing.

haven't had a chance to look at the work, (between begging for passes and trying to figure out exactly what's supposed to be going on) but it does seem better than previous years offerings. I'll actually try to look tomorrow and report more later.

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