Friday, June 30, 2006

Mighty Mighty

For those in range, Mighty Warriors of Comedy, a documentary on the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors will have its final air date on KQED Channel 9: Sat, Jul 1, 2006 -- 3:00 am and KQED Encore: Sun, Jul 2, 2006 -- 5:00 pm

and if you're out of range... you'll just have to wait until it gets ripped to UTube.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

i see strange

forgot to mention in my last post that those who are in beijing this weekend should head down to the long march space on sat afternoon (that's 'arvo' for those in the southern hemisphere) and check out the opening of "Strange Sights" by 3 artists: Liu Xun, Wen Peng and Wang Wei.

Wang Wei is building a massive structure of scaffolding out on the patio (or front door, depending on how you enter the building). There will be a human sized chess game and video installation. those nutty chinese artists... wacky!

fractal manoeuvres

Just read this article Art of War in frieze mag that totally blew me away. It discusses the co-opting of architectural theory into military theory which is applied towards developing urban guerrilla warfare tactics. This high level archi-speak is used by the israeli military to explain how blasting violently through the walls of buildings "smooths out space."

holy shit, my brain is imploding.