Tuesday, July 26, 2005

some things I've eaten thus far on my trip home:
cherry pie from a bakery in santa cruz- part of a wedding banquet
grilled oysters in point reyes
raw oysters in point reyes
fruit cobbler busy bee bakery somewhere in point reyes
vietnamese pho beef noodles from turtle towers
chipotle grilled shrimp from pancho villa
crepe with nutella rasberries and ice cream at ti couz

fun link I found today:
www.nationmaster.com - hours of entertainment.

I really should get some work done while I'm here in sf but the weather is too nice and i'm having too much fun.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

mocha blend

a few photos of me in the internet cafe in narita airport killing time. as you can see, the caffeine from the boxed coffee is starting to kick in.

damn this is fun. I'm sure this isn't interesting to anyone but myself.

killing time

here are some fun and exciting things to do at narita airport:

- yahoo internet cafe
- sony playstation playroom (for ahem... kids only)
- go to the town of narita and visit the temple. only a 20 min train ride and much more amusing than the hypnotic image of watching planes take off one after another.
- eat unagidon (grilled eel over rice) at the cafe
- find an open spot to do yoga in the middle of the airport

I am partaking in the first one at the moment. I will move on to the playstation playroom soon, once email loses it's charm. a 4 hour layover is enough time to go to town, but only just barely. yoga will commence once the idea of sitting on another plane for 9 hours really sets in. I guess I'm still in denial about it.

hooboy. are we having fun yet?


getting on a plane tomorrow morning bound for san francisco. got 2 -count 'em *2* -weddings to attend, so I'll be soaking up fresh air for about 10 days or so. good excuse to get away from this 100% humidity. can't say it will reverse any of the damaging effects of Beijing smog though (oh sorry, I mean, Beijing FOG).

and now for something completely different...
link to a recent exhibition: www.caep.com.cn
I made a inflatable fat suits for audience members to try on and wrestle each other in. The suits also were recently shown at the EMAP Media Exhibition in Ewha University, Seoul, Korea

... and a running collection of euphemisms for bad China days:
"Bad China Day" - obvious way to start the list
"Random Acts of China" - thanks to Sharon Ruwart for this
"Low Level energy drain" - Lovely insight from Weiru Cai

for those uninitiated to the Bad China Day, be thankful.