Thursday, May 17, 2007


i just did a 5-day fast. i've never done this before. crazy. went up to a cabin in a little village outside the city. no food, no internet for 5 days. the local villagers probably thought i had totally lost it, but they were politely curious. discovered it was more a mental test than anything else. it's bizarre to counter one's natural instinct for survival by just deciding not to eat. the first day my friend Wei was up there with me and i watched her eat meals. that was kind of weird, but strangely empowering. for the next few days i just stayed in the cabin reading, doing yoga, and taking naps. blew through everything i brought to read and made sketches for future projects. also tried to write some songs. wacky experience. i wasn't as loopy as i thought i would be. i'd probably do it again.