Thursday, September 13, 2007

open studios

so we survived. the open studios was on monday and there were simultaneous openings in the gallery downstairs and at a nearby gallery called Loop. good move on the part of the organizers. another good move on the organizers was to have one of the artists make fried chicken as part of his performance in the gallery. free food is always a good draw. a surprisingly large amount of people showed up, considering it was monday evening. lots of people came by and had a look around the studio, but not too many people made it to the roof to see my installation there (7 flights up!), but here is a link to some photos of "No Hands":

and some early photos of an urban gardening/makeshift fountain project installed inside my studio. will upload photos from the exhibited work soon. i have had the fountain running now non-stop for 2 days. having the sound of running water in the studio completely changes the working environment. i'm so relaxed...

however, the last and most successful thing we did that day was to throw a massive party on the ssamzie rooftop:

pictured l to r: me, michael, sunkuan, and younghui. i know that was 3 days ago, but today is the first day i've been able to spend the day in bed recovering. literally. it's now nearly 8pm and i should probably go get some food.

so as soon as i finished typing that last sentence, i walked outside my door and my neighbor michael was making an amazing grilled salmon and spinach sandwich in crusty french bread. he also had a bottle of nice Australian wine hand carried from his home country. it was amazing. we sat out on the steps of ssamzie devouring it. this was a pretty good day.

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