Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the fever

olympics antics have descended upon the capital. in addition to all the bizarreness reported in the media, here is a brief listing of the idiocy that i have experienced first hand:
  • taking photos of foliage around town prompts neighborhood watchmen to inquire about what you're doing
  • every single available advertising space is taken by either government propaganda declaring 'Beijing 2008' with the asinine tag line 'One World, One Dream', or a logo from an official sponsor.
  • our friends who run a bed and breakfast out in huairou, an hour and forty-five minutes away from beijing, have been told that they are not allowed to receive any overnight visitors.
  • drivers have been restricted to even and odd days, depending on the final number of one's license plate. yesterday wangwei's license plate was stolen off the back of his car. his front plate remained intact. as he was driving, a cop pulled him over and threatened to fine him 200RMB because the cop said he purposely took the plate off.
i'm sure it will only get more ridiculous and annoying. the city is under seige.

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