Sunday, April 05, 2009


getting settled back into beijing time/space/mindset. things that felt huge upon re-entry 5 days ago are starting to feel normal again. the sun is out, the sky is relatively clear and actually kind of blue (!). food is getting less salty (although there will always be too much salt), and the dust less noticeable. all the STUFF that we have to deal with here in beijing is slowly encroaching over the lingering images of yokohama. but before we get swept up into the whilrwind, and before flickr gets blocked in china again, here are the photos from our Open Apartment Event. much takoyaki was consumed, as well as beer, wine, a lovely nikujaga- beef and potates, hainan chicken and rice, nice red bean sweets from gifu, doburoku- homemade rice wine, an amazing fish head stew, gorgeous chicken wings, oh and we had some art here and there, AND even a performance. you'll have to wait to see the video of the performance as youtube is blocked in china at the moment too. annoying, for me and for you.

once we are connected to the world again, videos and other amusements will follow...

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