Monday, October 25, 2004

empty office

for some reason I showed up to a practically empty office this morning. Creepy as hell. The fluorescents are all buzzing; the phones are ringing... but... there... isn't... anyone... around. Feels like the opening of an urban horror flick. I can hear maybe 5 other people chatting. I can hear all of their conversations, they can hear mine. I've never noticed it before. There is something so offputting about scenarios of industry without a single human in the picture. Sort of like these photos taken by a good friend's brother Matthew Pillsbury. Scroll down to Portfolio: After Hours eeeeeeeeerie... which seems to be the theme for this rainy monday. Also now that I think about it, last night at dinner the conversation also veered towards ghost stories. 'tis the season, I suppose. eeeeuuuuuhhhhhhh. I'm sticking my fingers in my ears. LALALALALALALA.

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