Friday, October 29, 2004

scissors and tape

went to the notary this morning to change some documents that had been notarized wrong. Basically a there was a different address on our deed than there was in the notarized docs. We get there really early in the morning around 8am, sit down at the notary's desk and explain the issue. She says no problem and proceeds to rip the offending page out of the packet of documents. Nevermind that the whole thing was held together by a couple of staples. She walks away for a few moments and comes back with a pair of scissors and starts poking a hole into the document with the sharp end of the scissors. She's going to a lot of effort to push the scissors through the paper, wrinkling the whole document and spinning it around and around to cut out the address that is written wrong. It's like we're in kindergarten and the teacher has just given an an assignment to make snowflakes. Little bits of paper are falling all over the desk. Then she attacks the signatures on the bottom ofthe page, cutting them out one by one. Her desk is a mess. Then, she takes this paper full of holes and makes 5 photocopies of it, brings it back to us and tells us to fill in by hand the right address on each of the forms and has us sign all the documents one by one.

This is how offical documents get made in Beijing.

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