Thursday, July 21, 2005


getting on a plane tomorrow morning bound for san francisco. got 2 -count 'em *2* -weddings to attend, so I'll be soaking up fresh air for about 10 days or so. good excuse to get away from this 100% humidity. can't say it will reverse any of the damaging effects of Beijing smog though (oh sorry, I mean, Beijing FOG).

and now for something completely different...
link to a recent exhibition:
I made a inflatable fat suits for audience members to try on and wrestle each other in. The suits also were recently shown at the EMAP Media Exhibition in Ewha University, Seoul, Korea

... and a running collection of euphemisms for bad China days:
"Bad China Day" - obvious way to start the list
"Random Acts of China" - thanks to Sharon Ruwart for this
"Low Level energy drain" - Lovely insight from Weiru Cai

for those uninitiated to the Bad China Day, be thankful.

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