Thursday, July 21, 2005

killing time

here are some fun and exciting things to do at narita airport:

- yahoo internet cafe
- sony playstation playroom (for ahem... kids only)
- go to the town of narita and visit the temple. only a 20 min train ride and much more amusing than the hypnotic image of watching planes take off one after another.
- eat unagidon (grilled eel over rice) at the cafe
- find an open spot to do yoga in the middle of the airport

I am partaking in the first one at the moment. I will move on to the playstation playroom soon, once email loses it's charm. a 4 hour layover is enough time to go to town, but only just barely. yoga will commence once the idea of sitting on another plane for 9 hours really sets in. I guess I'm still in denial about it.

hooboy. are we having fun yet?

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