Friday, November 25, 2005

oh astroturf

just back from the guangzhou triennial and posted some images of the exhibition and my installation at

it was tough going. bad equipment ruled the day. in the end everything worked until 4 hours before the show was about the open and then a printer that I had bought from a company in shenzhen just decided to break down. a bad unit! I ran around town to get a loaner printer and found out that that one was incompatable with my system. blah! so basically for the opening, I had sculpture. luckily Li Zhenhua had some live rabbits in his installation that for some reason decided to hang out in my space instead, so they saved the day. animals and children- always steal the show.

not a good day for technology art. not a forgiving crowd to be showing broken technology art. I think the piece looked ok, but kind of a lot of stress for a less than ideal result. Everyone kept telling me that I should give up trying to use machines as art, but I don't think that's the solution. part of the solution is to stop using no-name chinese brands- haha.

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