Sunday, December 18, 2005

time to breathe

i finally got some images of recent projects up on the website for your generous perusal. The two new ones are Timestamp and 24Hours. 24 hours was over 3 months ago and I'm STILL working on editing the video of all the performances. there's some really good stuff in there. I swear, they will go up soon.

Also did some video projections for a theater piece at the Capital Theater's Black Box Theater. A modernist play made up of writings from various sources entitled "A Strindberg Love Letter". Honestly, I don't really know what this production had to do with Strindberg, but I suppose there was a little bit of him in there. Also did a little vj-ing for pj party for party-master extraordinaire Cho, purveyor of Beijing's Bed Bar. Was a really nice time and don't you wish you were there because, like, eeeeveryone was there...

hey! couple of my projects was blogged about by we-make-money-not-art. tee-hee. that's so cool.

The past 3 months have been insane. frantically making work, breaking work and exhibiting. I'm going to hang out near the equator for a few days and stuff my face with seafood. Isn't that the best way to spend the holiday?

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