Thursday, February 16, 2006

a very brief update

so TWO action packed months have gone by without a single posting. lame. here's a brief summary:

for the December holidays we ended up on Hainan Island with a horde of Russian tourists. very funny. my dad kept making jokes like, "10,000 Russians can't be wrong." Despite the tourism, it's still a really nice place to visit and just be a beach bum. There was one beach we found that was about 4 miles long and had only fisherman pulling in the day's catch on it. Amazing, and kind of scary. I think that's what happens when you are in densly populated places for too long. The idea of being the ONLY ONE OUT THERE inspires panic.

Mid-january Wang Wei had an exhibition at the Walsh Gallery in Chicago. I stayed with my Aunt Pei-lee, whose house is worth documenting.

What's good about living in China is that after some kind of xmas-like holidays you also get Chinese New Year, which lasts about a few weeks. So I stayed in California while Wang Wei came back to the fireworks war zone that Beijing had become.

I stayed in California to do a show with the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors in Los Angeles to mass critical acclaim. Well anyway, some people came to see it and liked it. There is talk of a re-mount. Stay posted.

now I'm in Daejeon, Korea teaching a class at KAIST called Making Things where we will, ahem, make... things.

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