Friday, April 07, 2006


I have a show that opens today...Come by if you are in the area.

<< Timestamp >><<时间印记>>
By Rania Ho 何颖宜

Long March Independent Project Space 长征空间 - 独立项目
Dashanzi Art District, Jiuxianqiao Rd 4#, Chaoyang District, tel:
朝阳区酒仙桥路四号798艺术区长征空间 电 话:010-64387107

April 8 - 30, 2006 2006 (2006.03.04-2006.04.30)
Opening: April 8, 2006, 4pm

<< Timestamp >> is an interactive installation that documents and captures
moments with a simple gesture. It uses strategically placed webcams in the
Long March Space to render visitors’ low-resolution images into the artwork
itself. Pictures are automatically collected once every minute from the
webcams and are sent to a printer suspended in the middle of the project
space. The low-fidelity images are etched onto thermal paper with a time
and date stamp and then pushed out into the air, allowing the picture to
float gently down to the floor. The burning of the image onto the paper is
reminiscent of scratching one’s name into fresh cement, or cutting notches
into a tree trunk; acts that leave a mark, an impression, a simple
statement of “I was here.” Over the course of the exhibition, this
evidence of presence accumulates in the project space and creates a
tangible record of people and events that passed through. Visitors
literally leave their mark on the work, and become a part of the evolving
non-linear narrative that remains.

互动装置《时间印记》用一个简单的捕捉瞬间的动作,将时间与空间糅合在一起。在长征主展厅内安置若干个摄像头,为参观展览的观众们拍下分辨率极低的照片。每隔几分钟,这些照片的数据被发送至一台悬挂在独立空间半空中的打印机,摄取图片的详细时间和日期也同时打印在照片上。随后,这些低保真的照片徐徐降落在空间的地面上。这种保存画面的形式如同水泥上刻出字迹,或在树干上刻出凹槽,是难以磨灭的印记,是 “我曾经在这里”的宣言。为此,整个的展览阶段成为一段真实的空间与时间的记录,观众本身为作品留下了印记成为这段时空叙述档案中永恒的部分。

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