Wednesday, April 26, 2006

tokyo time

took a trip to tokyo last weekend to meet my sisters. wandered around and looked at cool architecture. it's very inspiring and humbling. I am so uncool. in comparison to tokyo, beijing really has so so so far to go. here are some images.

Thanks to my travels and stint in korea, I also have a new grand sweeping generalization about east asian communication styles:
korean: polite, but direct
japanese: polite, but not direct
chinese: neither polite, nor direct

i expect a barrage of verbal abuse from people that know better.

I've also (thanks to gabe) discovered how did I survive before without it? Just turn it on and it recommends and plays music based on stuff you already like. genius. everyone probably already knows about this. I'm just so painfully uncool (as demonstrated in tokyo) that I'm only getting to it now.

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Anonymous said...

hey it seems u dint find chinese ppl polite,, well im planning to visit china nxt month,,would u like to giv me som tips??