Thursday, March 05, 2009


so wang wei and i have some work up at ZAIM in yokohama for the ZAIM FESTA.
[so... is that a word in any language, 'festa'? infesta?]

and it is after the fact, but we did a talk on feb 28th. we talked about our work, Pauline flew over from beijing to talk about arrow factory. a small but lively group showed up and we had a lively but small conversation. it seems a good time was had by all.

i can't really remember what we've been doing in the last few days. i guess we've been recovering, cleaning up, fixing things, and planning for the next project. i've started a garden on the balcony. originally this was going to be some kind of organic vegetable garden, but since my fascination with the beautiful veggies in the supermarket, i'm thinking now to actually buy and replant the supermarket veggies and see if they can keep growing on the rooftop garden. somehow it seems more appropriate for this environment. still thinking the details through, but here is a photo of where we're at with this thing:

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