Thursday, July 05, 2007

kimchi me

just arrived in seoul for a 3 month residency at ssamzie space. The art center is located in a section of town called hongdae- just down the street from the Honggik art school. lots of cafes, clubs, boutiques around - standard fare for "arty cultural industries" areas. anyway, it's still a nice area to wander around on foot. cafes are really cute, and i found a place that would sell me REAL ground coffee beans. WAH! what is it with koreans and instant coffee?

The plan is that I will be attempting to make a useless machine during my stay here. we'll see how it goes. Will be scouring 2nd hand shops and other industrial sources for materials. progress reports will be posted regularly to this site.

the photo above is an underpass that i walked through last week in daejeon, korea. this is what the future looks like. You didn't know?

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