Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Wrap Up

So The Contractors went on at about midnight, fans screaming, shuffled inside because the police arrived (it was too noisy) had some technical difficulties, got a REALLY HEAVY amp dropped on my big toe 2 SECONDS before we were about to go on stage (my big toe is purple now), and dropped my prop cigarette ash on the not so prop computer that was running our PPT (powerpoint for you people still in the 20th century - jeez, who are you?). But hey, we survived. it seemed to go over ok. However, even after we had finished screening the video and going through all the very animated PPT ANTICS apparently some people in the audience were still confused and were asking when we were going to start singing. HUH? We have the video that we screened, nay PREMIERED, for your viewing pleasure as well as photos taken by a fine gentleman called Frank Yu.

thanks to all who braved the rain and came out to support us. a good time was had by all. video of the actual performance will be uploaded at some point in the near future.

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