Monday, July 16, 2007

U Sexy Pig

Exhibit A: on the left is the window of a bbq joint in Seoul called "Sexy Pig". We chose to eat there based on the name alone and were not disappointed. We ate nice fatty pork, some very tasty beef, a crab soup, great side dishes and spicy salads among the post-industrial surroundings of a wall of cinder blocks and a nearby empty lot (or at least that's how i remember it). I have finally uploaded a few more images of Ssamzie Space which include pics of the exterior of the Ssamzie building and my neighbor Michael Yuen, who is a very cool sound/installation artist from Adelaide. Some more pics of seoul feature shots of a bizarre mega mall that was open late at night, but had only a few stalls selling clothes - the rest of the place was empty. Also some images of a gaming center where people were playing this taiko drum game as well as a first-person shooter with an "uzi" (in light of the virginia tech shootings, it was kinda creepy). Everyone in the place was in couples. I saw a girly-girl look at an air-hockey puck and paddle as if they were from another planet. Maybe to her, they were.

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